Basil Citrus Salad

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In 2021 I have returned to eating clean, that is- natural healthy foods that are not processed and do not have hidden chemicals and sugars. In the winter citrus is wonderful for adding immunity and flavor. Here in the desert, we do not have the cold gray winters, but we have abundant citrus fruits that grow in season. Below is an adapted recipe. One could use mint instead of basil but I found that the basil worked wonderfully.

You will need:

2 Navel Oranges (not pictured)
3-5 Mandarin Oranges
2-3 sliced and seed pink Grapefruits
1/2 cup chopped Basil
Basil Citrus Salad

I peel, seed, core, or slice all of the citrus. The mandarin oranges I peel and put the small pieces in without cutting. I then mix and squeeze some of the pink grapefruit juice over the salad. The more citrus juice or orange/grapefruit juices the better as it flavors the salad nicely. You do not need to add any sugars or honey. This keeps it fresh and health, the basil offers a wonderful contrast. It is very easy to make, about 15 minutes total which is mostly preparing the citrus fruit.

We paired this salad with seafood dishes like shrimp, white fish, or crab. It is wonderfully refreshing and could also be used in the summer for picnics or gatherings.

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Basil Citrus Salad

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