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DIY/Design Entertaining Faithful Living In The Kitchen

20 Amazing Easter Activities & Recipes For Kids At Home! (Includes free scavenger hunt)

This Easter is like no other. Covid-19 continues in our communities, we are separated from extended family, and Easter supplies are not as easy to come by without putting some creativity and thought into the process. Below are some ideas to brighten the weeks ahead surrounding Easter. From recipes to kids crafts and activities, we …

Easy Simple Syrups! Strawberry Basil

It is comforting the little joys our family is finding with more time during covid-19. One thing we enjoy are flavored refreshing drinks like lemonades, cocktails, and Italian sodas. A great discovery is that is very simple to make a variety of flavored syrups and affordable too! We went to get organic produce at a …

The Classics: Lemon Bars

In the sunny southwest lemons are most definitely in season. A welcomed spring or summer treat, perfect for any occasion and another classic. I have had trial and error with lemon bars. The biggest problems being recipes that have enough crust to lemon filling ratio while not running or being too thin. The following is …

The Classics: Deviled Eggs

The perfect dish for so many occasions! Barbecues, potlucks, picnics, and holidays. Especially spring time and Easter. A lot of us here in 2020 are struggling with what to make this Easter in light of the virus pandemic. Deviled eggs is one classic dish that you can easily 1/2 or double depending on the size …

Faithful Living

Advent to Christmastide: Traditions for family and home.

Each year by even before Thanksgiving, our family is so excited to begin the Christmas season. But traditionally, the season of Advent is the preparation for Christmastide. Christmas doesn’t truly begin until the evening of December 24th and goes until the Epiphany in early January. In the hustle and bustle of the season, some families …


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