Faithful Living

Starting the day and Serenity.

In the morning, when I rise- give me Jesus.

Last weekend in the middle of so much going on nationally, I had the honor of attending a Mother-Daughter retreat with my daughter. It was wonderful to say the least. But one of the sessions really hit home on how are we filling up our days? What are we doing with our time? And how can we get more of the “good stuff”?

The speaker showed us from the moment we wake up, what are we filling our day with? It has taken a couple years but I am now in the habit of intentionally beginning my morning by reading scripture and prayer. A scripture a day keeps the devil away, my priest will say. But it is true. When we don’t start our day with prayer and God’s word, when we rush to check our phones for notifications. When we quickly move to the static noise of our worlds, our foundation becomes sand.

In her presentation the bread of life- Jesus, was placed barely at the end of the day and hardly fit into the jar and the whole day was full of chaos mush. Boy could I relate to that at times. But I am finding by being more intentional with the categories I place after prayer and scripture- that I can find great benefit. I have left most major social medias altogether. I am on a few platforms that promote free speech for very specific purposes and that time is limited. My day now? Peaceful, foundational. And the most important part- I now have more time to get to responsibilities that were otherwise daunting. And past times that I have desired for a long time.

Another aspect of this has been- reading the word of God, staying in prayer, asking for clarity to keep my day in order, and turning off the news. I did not realize how much I was impacted daily by multiple news sources and how much time I spent looking, analyzing, and being effected by things that I cannot control but were some how controlling me.

Limited and intentional is how I am approaching the day and time now. And I think the Serenity Prayer is one that all of us can say to help daily:

God, grant me the Serenity,
to accept the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can,
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

I now have time to fill with more authentic friendships, direct one on one or selected group contact, crafts, hobbies, volunteerism. I am also able to rest on occasion and be more purposeful in both professional work and home making. How have you found peace in your day and set your day in order? Comment below. We love to hear tips.

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