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Year Round Fun: Edible Play- dough!

For kids all over, we have entered the dog days of summer. Here in the desert, it averages over a hundred degrees every day and we are inside a lot with the AC. One activity that is great year around offering some fun is making and playing with edible play dough. This is particularly good for quick acting kids that may try to “eat” regular play dough. Not that you want to make it a meal! But still a little fun that you can taste it or not worry if someone accidentally puts some to their mouth. It’s also a great quarantine activity and can even be theme to supplement online or homeschool learning.

What you’ll need: 1 cup colorful Funfetti frosting for each batch.
2 cups powdered sugar for each batch.

How to make:

  1. Mix the frosting and 1 cup of powdered sugar together, pressing with the back of a spoon, until it creates a sticky dough.
  2. Continue adding powdered sugar a little at a time, kneading on a lightly sugar-dusted surface, until the desired consistency is reached.

Store cloud dough in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Refrigerated dough will be stiff. Allow to come to room temperature before playing

You can then use your favorite rollers, cookie cutters, textures, and more to play with the dough. Consider doing themed times each week to work in a lesson such as: Dinosaurs, Things That Move, Plants & Flowers, Space, Shapes and more. Parents can pair with a story time book then have kids create with the theme.

Funfetti frosting comes in a few bright colors that you can make batches of for variety. You may also test out the white frosting and add bright food coloring for more options! Mix food coloring thoroughly first into frosting to avoid stains on little hands or clothes.

Some of the techniques little hands can work on to keep growing fine-motor skills are: cutting, rolling, building, form, shapes, layering, and exploring textures.

We love to see what kids create! Feel free to comment below and let us know how the play dough turns out (and tastes!)

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