Covid, Creativity, and a NEW BOOK! Carlos The Cold Cactus

I didn’t set out in 2020 to have a world wide pandemic of Covid, or the tensions that have been brought to light in the United States, the economic fall out and so much that has gone one this year. As a matter of fact, I wrote a sweet article on this site about the hope of 2020 and thought like many it would be “the best year ever”.

Well, it is certainly “the most interesting year” ever. In my almost four decades on this earth I’ve not experienced the majority of what 2020 has brought in six months. Each day I wake up, thankful. Thankful for another day, another day to try, another day to learn and grow. Another day to serve.

2020 so far has taught me the most to not take days for granted. As I write on July 4th this article, it is also teaching me to not take freedom and our personal liberties for granted. Part of that liberty has been to use our time wisely. While sacrificing for those who are compromised during Covid, I used the extra time we had to finally bring to fruition a book I had in my soul the majority of last year.

It is called, Carlos The Cold Cactus. I was able to write it in the fall and then this past spring illustrate it with 27 unique pages. It is the delightful tale of a cactus in the Sonoran Desert who is always cold and wears a scarf. A flower named Bella is stuck to Carlos, and she is happy and full of joy. Frustrated with the gloom, she has her desert friends help take Carlos on a journey to Alaska that will help him to learn about happiness, friends, and neighbors.

Here is a highlighted illustration from the book, the owls I particularly enjoyed painting!

Ollie the Owl, in Carlos The Cold Cactus, pondering what to do for Carlos with Bella.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle at:
with the hardcover printed version releasing this month July 2020. It is great for families and children of all ages.

I truly did not expect for this to be part of my personal experience of the pandemic. This creative time I have been afforded is rewarding and also a responsibility to share artistic joy with others. Carlos will have more adventures, and I look forward to sharing that with others.

Somehow, the bustle of life has had to slow us down. We are reading, writing, drawing, baking, exercising, and considering nature more. The zip and zoom American lifestyle has been interrupted, altered. We are a nation grieving those who are sick or who have lost their lives. We are navigating with significant cultural change and concerns. In the middle of all this are our children. Still needing joy, still full of hope.

I choose to create to be a beacon of hope, to bring happiness to others even when the world is uncertain. I pray we don’t miss the opportunity in this timeframe to seize the day, to create from our homes, to be of service to others.

Love, Sarah

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