Faithful Living

God is good… no matter what.

I will praise You, even in this storm, oh Lord.

Well here we are. This isn’t what any of us expected for a new year or a new decade! I have been writing on appetizers, baking, and focused on gardening not only for others on this site but also for my family and self during this pandemic. Life has a way of humbling us, of throwing us new realities when we least suspect it. 2020 so far has certainly done that.

We are now living in a historic Covid-19 health pandemic. It’s serious on all levels and we are being asked to do something simple- stay home. I will be writing regularly on ways for us to be productive and joyful at home at a time where resources are limited. But more than being productive, I hope this season helps each person to grow.

One could ask, where is God in all this? He did not cause this pandemic, He does not cause our suffering- but He is allowing it. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. But where is He? He’s in the doctors, nurses, first responders, and brave other professions that are working to save lives. He’s in the unsung heros every day that are getting supplies across the country and stocking shelves. God is good… whether He answers our prayers the way we want Him to or not. This is how we can say God is good “all the time.”

This is a plaque I was given when I was about seventeen years ago, working as a preschool aide at our church. It was a time that quite honestly, I was lost. An Air Force wife was the lead teacher and she gave me this plaque. I took it to college and it followed me to every dorm room, apartment, and later homes with my husband. I had no idea at seventeen, that a few years later I would also become a military spouse. It is withered and worn, I don’t mind because it could tell you a million stories of grace, redemption, joy, and sacrifice.

I mention it because it has been a source of strength to myself and to friends dear to me. I have replicated it at times and given it to others, and now on this media platform I’m doing the same in the picture below. I don’t know how anything in the future is going to turn out. But I do know that we can trust Jesus, and know that He has what is best for our Salvation at heart. His perfect will is often not done, but in His permissive will he saves us and purifies us through many trials.

In this uncertain time, we can be certain in God’s love and goodness. If you haven’t been living as you know is right, you can start anew instantly. The smallest prayer of repentance and acceptance of Jesus can turn a life around. Then take each moment as it comes. Trust in His promises. Every line of this prayer I received has been true for me in my life, even when the answer to prayer is no, or wait. God even then, is still good.

In the days to come, we will still find joy and be goodness to reflect God’s love. It might be in baking with children, or on the phone with our elderly relatives. It could be in prayers for those suffering with illness, getting food to those who are struggling, or reflecting on nature and creating. As difficult as this time period is, it’s a great stress reliever to focus on nature, create, or get moving with exercise!

And so, in all things God is good. All the time. Easter is coming… and indeed He is already Risen.

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