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20 Amazing Easter Activities & Recipes For Kids At Home! (Includes free scavenger hunt)

This Easter is like no other. Covid-19 continues in our communities, we are separated from extended family, and Easter supplies are not as easy to come by without putting some creativity and thought into the process.

Below are some ideas to brighten the weeks ahead surrounding Easter. From recipes to kids crafts and activities, we hope you find some simple enough ideas to engage your families during this time.

1. Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: When I was little, we visited Boston one year for Easter and it was so cold still! The family friends we visited did an indoor scavenger hunt and at the end of it… you found your basket. This free scavenger hunt below can easily be printed and used for your own fun in or outside of the house, on a bright or chilly day.

2. Check out a great way to shop for Easter supplies by Optimized Life

3. CRAFTS, so many! Here’s a stained glass egg project by Sidekickmama. It looks gorgeous and is super easy with just a few supplies.

4. Teacher and The Tots gives us beautiful Montessori approach with multiple spring activities to choose from. I like this guide because it can be used for toddlers, preschoolers, or even older siblings to assist.

Teacher and The Tots spring flower stamping ideas.

5. Party With Unicorns has a fun and easy tutorial with a printable for your little ones to make bunny ears!

6. I love this easter egg planter idea by Made With Happy! Colorful and a cute way to bring flowers and eggs together. This could be a good craft for older kids as well.

7. One kids activity that is unique and ties in the entire message of Easter, in redemption and kindness is Coffee and Carpool’s 15 Easter Kindness Activities which includes a free printable to use. Wonderful ideas for teaching our children kindness.

8. By the Ottowa Mommy Club are these adorable carrot treat bags. These could be made ahead to Easter day and then shared or used in place settings for Easter dinner. See the how to here:

9. How cute are these sheep bag puppets?! A fun craft by Simple Everyday Mom that is great for Easter and the entire springtime.

Also featured by Simple Everyday Mom are these fun chick creations.

10. Two wrapped in one. Easy Toddler Ideas has a free printable for placemats that kids can color ahead of time, then use for Easter meals.

11. Here are a few game ideas including this custom Bingo printable by Moms and Munchkins.

12. Now for some Easter goodies, Moore or Less Cooking brings us this Best Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs to try for ourselves! See the recipe here:

13. A Hundred Affections has these easy no bake bird or bunnies nests. Simple and fun for kids of all ages to decorate.

14. If your family loves sweet and salty flavors, this spring dip by Long Wait for Isabella is a quick but delicious food creation. It looks like spring too!

15. Ukrainian Easter doves by Food Meanderings offers a beautiful and cultural bread creation that is also decorative. Read more about the tradition and how to here:

16. Super festive for Easter morning are these beautiful unicorn donuts by Well If She Can Do It. She has a simple recipe to help them turn out great!

17. On My Kid’s Plate is a fun peeps s’mores dip recipe that not only looks great but will taste it as well.

18. The Best Vinyl Cutters combines Easter treats with a fun craft to make adorable Easter lollipops.

19. The Thrifty Couple brings us this delicious Easter cake with Kit Kat’s in just fifteen minutes! Check out the full how-to here:

20. Last but not least, are sweet birdies nest sugar cookies by The Flying Couponer. A simple and fun project to do with kids and the recipe doesn’t take too many ingredients.

I hope this gives you a wonderful starting point on how to spend Easter at home this year. Remembering always we are “safe at home” and where able to, be sure to get outside for fresh sun and air.

Blessings always, Sarah

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