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DIY: Fabric Garland & Lights

As part of our How To on transitioning from the Holidays to winter/spring in the home, we created a DIY guide on making fabric garland for your home. This is a relatively easy and economic way to keep the glow from the holidays in the cold months of winter, but freshen it up with colors and patterns that hint of winter, Valentines, and even early spring!

So don’t pack away those white Christmas lights just yet, we can use them around the house. This project is also great for parties, weddings, luncheons ect. to bring a pop of color and light to many occasions.

What you will need is:
Strands of white lights, (A strand of about 50-100 will do). Can be white or green in cord color.
Assortment of fabrics in desired colors. About 1/2 yard of main fabric and 1/3 yard two complimenting fabrics cut into 2×6″ strips.
Spool of sheer ribbon about 1-2″ in width, color of choice, also cut in to 6″ strips
Scissors to cut fabric and ribbon

Next, start at beginning of light cord and tie single strip of fabric one time to the cord. Repeat using rotating fabrics and ribbon. About every 3-5 fabric peices use the ribbon.

Continue in this method using about four peices of fabric/ribbon combos between the distance of lights. Keep using this method until light strand is complete and full of fabric strips.

The end result is an uplifting garland that brings light and softness to the home.

This garland can be paired with other decor projects, banners, or even other garlands. It can be used in a variety of places in the home and also at events such as at head or dessert tables, or anywhere for decor.

If you enjoyed this tutorial and combination of colors for the middle of winter, take a moment to see how we tie it all together in Transitioning from the Holidays.

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